Ozzy Osbourne le responde a Bill Ward “Sabías que estas jodido”



A pocas horas de que Bill Ward hiciera público su comunicado en el cual solicita disculpas de parte Ozzy y un contrato para regresar a la banda (Bill Ward solicita disculpas de Ozzy Osbourne y un contrato en condiciones para regresar a la banda).

Pero no recibió las disculpas ni nada parecido de parte del líder de Black Sabbath, muy al contrario Osbourne le respondió con un comunicado que no deja muy bien a Ward.

Nunca quise discutir esto en público pero las declaraciones de Bill no me dejan otra opción que responder con sinceridad.

Guau Bill,

¿Qué coño te has tomado? No puedo disculparne por comentarios y opiniones que he hecho sobre ti en la prensa durante el álbum y la gira de “13” – físicamente tu sabías que estabas jodido. Tony, Geezer y yo no pensamos que pudiéras haber hecho un set de dos horas con un solo de batería cada noche así que tomamos la decisión de seguir adelante. Teniendo en cuenta el estado de Tony sentimos que el tiempo no estaba de nuestro lado.

Bill, deja esta cortina de humo sobre “contrato infirmable” y seamos sinceros. Dentro de ti sabías que no ibas a ser capaz de hacer el álbum y una gira de 16 meses. Desgraciadamente para ti, nuestros instintos estaban en lo cierto al tener que pasar por el hospital varias veces durante 2013. Tu última hospitalización fue por una operación de hombro de la que dices que te acabas de recuperar. Esto habría significado que nuestra gira habría tenido que ser cancelada. ¿Ahora es todo culpa mía? Deja de hacerte la víctima y sé sincero contigo y con nuestros fans.

Bill, esto viene de lejos, dejémoslo ahora antes de que esto se salga de madre.

Que dios te bendiga.


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  1. Jimmy J. Ochoa

    17/04/2015 at 10:15 pm

    Era una excelente idea que Bill ward regrese a Sabbath pero tal parece que es mucho pedir. 🙁

  2. omar

    17/04/2015 at 1:47 pm

    sigue la guerra.

    Bill addresses Ozzy’s Facebook post.
    1. You never wanted to discuss in a public forum. BUT, you did by making all these public comments during your interviews for the 13 album and tour. I was only responding in kind. Don’t forget why I spoke out. If you had talked to me and shared your opinions privately, we wouldn’t be here today.
    2. I was ready and in shape to record. I knew I would need to get in better shape for the gigs –same as I have needed to do and have done in the past. I was beginning my workout regime to get “tour ready.” I knew what I needed to do to play the gigs, and I was confident I would be ready. I would not commit to an extensive tour without believing I could go all the way with it. I wouldn’t do that to our fans.
    3. Shoulder Surgery. This was not a surgery that was an immediate necessity, or an emergency, or something that was prohibitive in terms of playing drums in Sabbath. It wasn’t anything like that. I would have elected to do the surgery after we finished touring, but since that didn’t come to pass, I scheduled it for the fall of 2013. My other surgery, yes was unexpected, but who among us knows what curve balls might be coming our way. Having had to recently cancel your own gigs, I think you could understand that and not hold someone to “what ifs”.
    4. The “unsignable” contract isn’t a smokescreen – it’s the truth. I have been honest with our fans on where I stand. Your opinions of me are completely immaterial – they have nothing to do with my reason for not participating – the “unsignable” contract – that’s it. I wonder if I had signed it if any of this would have come up? I imagine we would have made an album and done a tour with the original line up in place.
    Hey Oz,
    It’s not going to work.
    I can see you,
    And, I read your statement.
    Boy oh boy.
    Well, I know I didn’t expect you to respond to my request of an apology. By the way, it’s pretty easy to go back and really look at what was truth and what was not.
    I notice you’re including Tony and Geezer in being in full agreement, that with my health condition I couldn’t have played a two hour set with a drum solo. First time I’ve ever heard about a two hour show with a drum solo. But I’m asking you, not them. Why did you stay in the studio working with me? Why did we go to England for band rehearsals in August 2011? Why did we continue rehearsing in the Fall? Why did we make the announcement of 11/11/11? Why did you call me in late January 2012 asking me to come over to England to continue rehearsals? Why, if you thought I was so unhealthy, did you continue with me at all? You know why, Oz, because I was fine. I was playing. I was good to go.
    I ran into no, zero, health problems until October 22nd 2013. Oz, I could have played my ass off in 2012, all the way through to October 22nd 2013. The shoulder operation was optional. It was quiet and I needed a wear and tear adjustment. I was fine. I could have gone without surgery. But listen to you, hitting back and hard, too.
    I don’t believe a word of it. I am not an enemy. Eternity will show and serve as proof.
    None of it, Oz.
    I’m not going to own a fucking thing, other than I came into the studio initially overweight to tour, but not overweight to record. I was good to record. All of you know how much I put in, especially when I prepare to tour.
    Your own anticipatory fear has got you by the balls. What fucking smokescreen, about an unsignable contract.
    Yes, let’s get honest. I did.
    It came out in my statement Wednesday, April 15, 2015.
    I’m not playing (your quote). I never did. I don’t fuck with sincerity and honesty, period. I’ve done nothing but bring my truth to the fans. Man, you spin it real well. Sorry I can’t love you back, Oz. I put my love for you somewhere safe inside my heart in 2012 when your stories started showing up. It’s hard to love someone who thinks he’s telling the truth by making false claims, elitist comments and just plain rude statements.
    It’ll show up, Oz, in your dreams, in your daily days. I’m clean and have nothing to feel doubtful about. All my actions have been of loyalty, honesty, and open-mindedness.
    Stay safe old friend.
    Sad we couldn’t roll it out for the fans one more time.
    I read your speculation, and your what ifs, your doubts. I’m about as far away from being a victim as I am from Hell itself.

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